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A Thor shot is an orbital weapon system that is capable of firing a massive kinetic-energy projectile at nearly any target on Earth.

The projectile is typically a mass of space debris welded together into a single projectile which is then fired at a target. The projectile impact releases energy equivalent to a strategic nuclear weapon but without any radiological fallout or electromagnetic pulse.

Only Ares Macrotechnology and Saeder-Krupp are known to possess Thor shot capability. Ares maintains its Thor network from Icarus Station. Fuchi Industrial Electronics had Thor shots, but they were decommissioned after Fuchi's breakup; one satellite was knocked out of orbit and is slowly approaching the Sun.

Thor shot attacks[]

  • 2056 - Megacorps respond to the deteriorating political situation in Hawai'i with a demonstration of the same tactical military power that helped establish the islands' independence in the first place—a rain of kinetic-energy "Thor shots" just offshore.[1]
  • July 2063 - Ares launched a Thor shot at the Proteus Romo arcology, blowing it off the Danish coast, in retaliation for strikes against their Thule facility.[2]
  • November 2064 - Between 10:00 PM November 1 and 1:00 AM November 2, several identified Winternight wilderness training camps were targeted with Thor shots. Several days after the Novatech IPO, an Omega Order was issued against Art Dankwalther, who was subsequently killed with a Thor shot.[3]
  • September 11th, 2074 - A marine named Brak Onijigo and six other marines, possibly afflicted with Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder, took control of the Evo Navy ship Akula Krov. After fleeing from, firing on, and disabling two other Evo ships, the ship was locked on course for Hawaii. Before they could reach the islands, the ship was taken out with a Thor shot.[4]


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