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File:Critter Lesser Thunderbird.jpg
Picture from Shadowrun, 2nd Edition

The Thunderbird (Avesfulmen splendidus) are diurnal carnivores, often hunting fish and small mammals. They nest in mountain peaks and may travel hundreds of kilometers to search for prey. They seem to enjoy electrical storms, and are often seen playing among thunderclouds. There are rumors that these birds can collectively summon thunderstorms.

Thunderbirds have the paranormal ability to project an electrical blast against prey or attackers, much like lightning bolt spells favored by mages and shamen. Thunderbirds have a tendency to explode when they die, presumably from the discharge of their electrically active tissues.

Related Species[]

The Lesser Thunderbird (Avesfulmen minori) are smaller versions of the normal Thunderbird. They can project an electrical field that resembles an electromagnetic pulse, which wrecks havoc with electronic components.