Tiger II (Internet)

The Tigers are an Asian gang based in the Seattle sprawl.

Membership: 20-50


The Tigers, are Seattle's largest Asian gang. Which has an alliance with the Eighty-Eights Triad. They are led by an adept, whose two top lieutenants are also adepts. One of of which (Tiger Claw), is a ninja-like female assassin whom has killed 5 Yakuza members in their own homes while they slept. Many of it's members are adepts whom practice various martial arts or they have been augmented to the gills.[1][2]

Gang CultureEdit

Self-sacrifice is expected of every member, as the Tigers believe that once the Triads have achieved total power the magic of the Triads will revive their dead creating the ultimate fighting force. The gang has no fear, no regard for life, no regrets, and no remorse. Anyone who wants to kill can join the Tigers. In fact that is how they get their thrills by killing someone, and it is also how they make their living.

It acts as the shock troops of the 88's in its rivalry with other crime syndicates. The Tigers do not concern themselves with dealing with street gangs as they see it as beneath them getting involved in such gang wars. Estimated strength is 20-50 members, as it's not easy to separate a Tiger from an Eighty-Eight foot soldier.[3]


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