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The Tir Tairngire Peace Force is the combined military and national police force within Tir Tairngire. The two functional missions of the Peace Force are divided into a Military and a Constabulary Division, each with their own subdivisions. However, both divisions maintain considerable interoperability, such as the law enforcement authority of the Border Patrol, and the use of the Special Forces for SWAT-style tactical law enforcement missions.


Military Division[]

Border Patrol[]

Special Forces[]

The Special Forces is an elite military force known by many names, but are most commonly referred to as the Ghosts. Members of the Special Forces are all Paladins, and in that capacity are called Spirit Warriors (Meraerth ke'Tolo in Sperethiel). The unit is based at Hayden Slough Armory.

In 2062 There were approximately 200 soldiers in the Special Forces. The majority of them are referred to as Black Banner (Bratach Falan), and they serve in teams which conduct special and covert operations for the government, and the High Prince specifically. Special Forces teams are also operate within the Tir as SWAT teams, performing such missions as hostage rescue. Over 80% of the Black Banner soldiers were magically-active, either as adepts or mages. Almost all of them are initiates, having formed an initiatory circle called The Ghost Circle. Special Forces also trains in the use of paranimals, integrating them into combat operations.

The second, smaller, group within the Special Forces is called the White Banner (Bratach Gheal). There are fewer than two dozen of them, and they are the soldiers who serve as the personal bodyguards of the High Prince. In public, they are known for wearing ceremonial matte black armor and carrying broadswords. However, they are still highly-trained commandos. From their ranks, there is a smaller group known as the Black Daggers. These are the most highly-trained, loyal warriors who will serve the High Prince or the Council.

Given the nature of the political structure, other members of the Council of Princes can and do utilize virtually any member of the Special Forces for their own uses, up to and including the use of the Black Daggers. They can even go so far as to hand-pick soldiers in the Bratach Falan for special missions.

Following the New Revolution coup d'état within Tir Tairngire, High Prince Lugh Surehand was exiled from the nation and was being hunted by a Special Forces team, suggesting a breakdown within the social structure of the unit, especially considering that the Council of Princes also abdicated in 2064 and all the members of the unit are Paladins who swore fealty to the High Prince and/or Council.

By 2070, the average Special Forces soldier is a mundane elf with cybernetic enhancements, which is a distinct difference from the average soldier in the unit before 2064.

Constabulary Division[]