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As of 2072, Toshiro Mitsuhama was the CEO and largest shareholder of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, owning more than 20% of it's stock.

2000: "While Shiawase was of winning the argument that it had the right to maintain its own personal army, Tiger spent his time empire building. He hired his son Toshiro, the current CEO of Mitsuhama, as vice president of acquisitions. Together, the pair purchased interests in mining companies and the entertainment industry. They bought patents for undeveloped technologies and hired the best engineers to staff Mitsuhama’s R&D departments. They even lured talented executives from other megas with promises of unlimited budgets and lucrative benefits."

"Let’s not forget their legacy of corporate espionage. When Tiger and Toshiro couldn’t buy someone else’s idea, they had their people go in and steal it. These corporate spies eventually formed the nucleus of MCT’s security force, and they got very good at their job very quickly." -- FastJack

"Which explains a lot about Mitsuhama’s security procedures, now that I think about it. What lessons they learned from breaking into other companies, they applied to their own defenses. Nasty." -- Hard Exit

"Under his father’s tutelage, Toshiro learned how to lead by example instead of ruling by fear. Even today, Toshiro insists on a rigorous regime of exercise, healthy eating, and consistent attention to detail in all his habits, workplace or personal. His views of quality over quantity have not always been reflected by MCT’s product lines, but they have influenced how Mitsuhama subsidiaries and employees act."

"While Tiger and Toshiro initially only retained a small ownership stake in Mitsuhama, their business savvy earned the respect and loyalty of their corporate and Yakuza peers, allowing them to steer this great company in the direction they chose. Te recent passing of Eiji Yakamura—ancestors protect him—left Toshiro holding Yakamura-sama’s stock shares and the coveted position of majority stockholder.

This well suits the board of directors, as they have always liked Toshiro—when Tiger retired in 2042, the directors shared sake with young Toshiro to congratulate him on his elevation to chief executive officer of Mitsuhama Computer Technology. They did not even bother to hold a vote."      

In regards to Toshiro's father Taiga's age, shadow commentator /dev/grrl in the article comments "That math doesn't add up. And article in the last issue [c. 2072] of Cybernetic Monthly said Tiger Mitsuhama was barely seventy." -- the comments continue to state that his son, Toshiro held a "seventieth birthday party for him in 2061. It was all over the feeds."

Shadow commentator FastJack thinks this is proof that MCT execs experimented with Leonization treatments well before they became available on the open market, and Snopes wonders how old Toshiro actually is, "Isn't he supposed to be about fifty-four this year?"

If Toshiro was hired by his father in 2000, he is certainly older than 54. Assuming Toshiro was at least 16 years old when he was hired, this would make him 88 years old in 2072.