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Trans-Orbital is an A-level aerospace corporation centered in New York state in the UCAS. It primarily supplies space-based services for corporations with little or no space assets. They are primarily telecommunication companies and grid providers, such as Pacific Rim Communications and Renraku, but Trans-Orbital also maintains non-telecom commercial satellites, such as weather and navigation constellations. Nations such as the CAS, Israel, and the United Kingdom may have also contracted with the corporation to maintain their networks of spy satellites. Trans-Orbital also supplies space services to Novatech and Proteus AG.

Trans-Orbital's single orbital station is the Silver Pinnacle, also known as Station House. Its corporate offices are in Manhattan, New York. There are factories in upstate New York and a development plant in Kansas. It also has a launch facility at Matagorda Island in the CAS. Novatech and Proteus AG allows Trans-Orbital to use their launch facilities at Formosa Bay off Kenya and Devil's Island near French Guiana.

Trans-Orbital attempted to launch a probe at Halley's Comet, but it abandoned the project after numerous accidents and delays. The Atlantean Foundation may have been one of the financial backers of Trans-Orbital's probe.