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Transys Neuronet
Rating AA
World Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
President/CEO Fiona Blareth
Chairman of the Board Sir Archibald Leigh-Hunt
Corporate Status Public
Major Shareholders Celedyr (37%)

Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal (22%)

Transys Neuronet was a UK-based corporation headquartered in Edinburgh, specializing in matrix, bioware and cyberware research. The company was backed partly by the Welsh Great Dragon Celedyr, and was working on cyberware for Dragons, a feat mentioned in Dunkelzahn's Will.

In the wake of Matrix Crash 2.0, Transys merged with Erika and Novatech to form NeoNET, a new AAA megacorporation.

Pre-Merger Corporate Hierarchy[]

Transys Neuronet Great Britain
Head Office: Bristol, England (UK)
Division Head: Colin Rayford
Major Subsidiaries: Bristol Optics, Commonwealth Enterprises, Transys Data Services
Transys Neuronet Europe
Head Office: Stockholm, Sweden (Scandinavian Federation)
Division Head: Lili Gessle
Major Subsidiaries: Mindstrom Neurotechnologies, Götaland Telekom
Transys Neuronet Asia
Head Office: Shanghai
Division Head:: Lao Yengtai
Major Subsidiaries: Suzhou Biotechnology, China Cable Ltd., TriCom Telecommunications
Transys Neuronet America
Head Office: Toronto, Ontario (UCAS)
Division Head: Jeremy Thomason
Major Subsidiaries: Iris Software, InterScience Inc., Belle Mead Communications

Other Subsidiaries[]


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