File:Critter Troglodyte.jpg
Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

Troglodytes (Pan speluncae) are Awakened versions of chimpanzees like the Dour, although this genetic lineage is disputed in some circles. They are slender, bipedal humanoids that reach a height of about 1.6 meters. Their heads are large compared to their bodies, and their arms are extremely long. They are totally hairless and have a pallid white skin with no external genitalia. Their eyes are huge in proportion to their heads, much like an owl.

Troglodytes are omnivores, typically subsisting on lichen and moss growing in their natural cave environment. They occasionally practice in cannibalism, but some paranaturalist studies have found this practice to be of social significance rather than sustenance. They live in loose-knit bands of about 50 individuals. They have been known to use primitive tools and rudimentary language. Some troglodytes have produced "cave art", similar to paintings made by prehistoric man. The sentience of the troglodyte is hotly debated among paranaturalists.

The slang word "trog", a racial expletive used against Orks and Trolls, is presumably derived from this creature's name.


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