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The Troll Killers are a racist street gang based in the Seattle sprawl.

The anti-metahuman gang originated among the children of Humanis supporters and sympathizers. It's a multi-generational gang, in which the children and the grandchildren have joined. Members collect troll horns and ork husks as proof of their masculinity.

Unfortunately for them the orks and trolls fought back. Facing tough and brutal resistance from gangs like the Ragers and the Skraacha, they were forced to retreat back to their turf around Lake Washington. Afterwards they began receiving weapons and training (corporate involvement was suspected), turning them into vigilante bands.[1] Occasionally the gang will work for smuggling operations in the lake as hired muscle.[2]

In 2077, the Troll Killers destroyed their long time enemies the Bloody Screamers. Their victory was due to the heavy weaponry supplied to them by the Humanis Policlub. Giving them a quite a number of trophies for their collection.[3]


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