Trolls (Homo sapiens ingentis) appeared for the first time in 2021. On 30th April, 2021, about one-tenth of mankind goblinized into orks or trolls. In years to follow, many humans in the course of their puberty also goblinized into orks or trolls.


Characteristics Edit

Trolls are larger than humans with an average height of about 280 cm (9' 2") and an average weight of 225kg (496 lb). In Shadowrun 4th Edition, a Troll's average height is 2.5 meters (8' 2"), with an average weight of 300 kg (661 lbs.) but weighing upwards to 350 kg (771 pounds).

In addition to this enormous body size, trolls tend to have tusks and horns (which may or may not have symmetry). Ingentis body proportions differ from sapiens, with the ratio of arm-to-leg length significantly higher in ingentis, giving them an advantage in melee combat. Trolls have calcified dermal deposits throughout their skin, which can resemble large warts, spines or an armor-plated effect. These dermal deposits make trolls more resistant to physical trauma. It is assumed that trolls have an average life expectancy of approximately fifty years, but this number varies depending on social conditions and environment. Trolls can see in a broader spectrum than humans, with their vision extending into infrared.

Expression from sapiens to ingentis often gave severe mental trauma, often resulting in psychosis and mental aberration.  Individuals born ingentis do not experience this trauma.

Trolls are still the rarest of the Metahuman races.

Infancy Edit

The normal gestation time for a troll is 259 days.[1]

They are usually 2.5% of their mother's weight. Their suckling time is over 15 months.[1]

Troll Variants Edit

Metavariants of Homo sapiens ingentis (trolls) include:

HMHVV-Infected Edit

Trolls infected with HMHVV-I become Dzoo-noo-qua, while trolls infected with HMHVV-II become Fomóraig. Trolls infected with HMHVV-III become ghouls like all humans and metahumans.

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Game InformationEdit

Third Edition Game Statistics: +5 Body, -1 Quickness, +4 Strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma, Thermographic Vision, Dermal Armor (+1 Body).

Fourth Edition Game Statistics: The Troll Metatype build costs 40 Build Points (BP) and with it, the attribute traits of Body and Strength start at 5.  The remaining 6 attributes (Agility, Reaction, Charisma, Intuition, Logic, Willpower) start at the usual starting point of 1. 

The min/max level of traits are as follows with the augmented max in parentheses. This can be found on page 81 in the 4th Ed. book.

Troll: BOD: 5/10 (15) AGI: 1/5 (7) REA: 1/6 (9) STR: 5/10 (15) CHR: 1/4 (6) INTU: 1/5 (7) LOG: 1/5 (7) WIL: 1/6 (9) Metatype Abilities: Thermographic Vision (same as Dwarves), +1 Reach, +1 natural armor (which is cumulative with worn armor)  


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