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The Intelligence Community or IC is the collective term for of all of the UCAS' many intelligence agencies. The IC is headed by the Director of UCAS Intelligence (DI), Rebecca Darby . Darby was formerly in charge of the IRS Enforcement Division before her promotion to DI. She has her own staff to manage and oversee the community and its activities, and is the first person to have budgetary and policy authority over all of the agencies. Several IC members are not simply intelligences agencies, but are also federal law enforcement agencies. These dual members are the DHS, DEA, FBI, and IRS.

NRC conducts intelligence-gathering on nuclear weapons and technology [1]

Creation of MSTF to coordinate intelligence and law enforcement activities related to magical threats [2]

FBI, NSA both conduct domestic intelligence-gathering [3]

sale of DEA to Lone Star, renamed as DED [4]

DoE no longer exists as a Cabinet-level department. Department of Information does [5]

DHS, FBI, DEA, IRS, NSA, CIA are all intelligence agencies with offices in Seattle [6]




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