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Underworld 93 is a club in Puyallup, Seattle. Only slightly less famous than Dante's Inferno or the Club Penumbra among the shadow scene, it already existed in the late 2040,[1] and was still open in the beginning of the 2070s.[2]

The club is located in the center of Puyallup, in the concrete building of an old warehouse.

You go to "Underworld 93" if you want to experience the really big bands in rock biz in Emerald City life on stage, and also to attend concerts of the hottest newcomer bands shortly before their big breakthrough. However, the "Weekday Eclipse" in Denver, when it comes to new discoveries in the biz, has already outpaced the "Underworld" in Seattle. The club is frequented by many runners, and various meetings and handovers take place here, but most just come to hear live music and to experience the musicians.

The hall is dominated by a large stage and dance floor as well as the latest AR and sound systems and has two large Holoplex neon signs at the entrance. There may be better places to dance or chill in the Plex, and other clubs may have more atmosphere, but the "Underworld" is the club where all the great artists play when they stop off on their tours in Seattle.

Among other things, Maria Mercurial gave a legendary first concert here in 2047,[3] and the multi-racial hard rock band Devil's Playground played here just before the start of their first North America tour, which ended so fatally. Other major bands and artsits known to have played there include Concrete Dreams,[4] DarkVine, JetBlack, Shield Wall, CrimeTime and Melody Tyger.[5]

The club belongs to a community of owners, whereby an ineradicable rumor says that a dragon is a silent partner, who is sometimes supposed to visit the restaurant in a meta-human form.

The club was managed by a number of managing directors during its existence. The late Al Castanzo was succeeded by a dwarf named Vincent O'Halloran who, however, made the mistake of trying to cut the connections of the management of "Underworld" to the yaks, which could not go well: he only lasted 15 months before he ended up dead in a dumpster a few streets away. The new managing director is Annette Harris, a former exec of MegaMedia, who was able to put the relationship with the Yakuza in order without at the same time seriously annoying the mafia, which required a fair bit of balancing act.

Security-wise, the Yakuza often provides protection for the club.


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