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Unexplained Genetic Expression (UGE) was first recorded in 2011, when human mothers gave birth to children that looked like elves or dwarfs. Medical researchers designated these children UGE babies. Newsweek magazine's edition of March 14 was the first media outlet that describes UGE babies as "elves" and "dwarfs."

Many UGE children were exposed to hostility and discrimination that only worsened once Goblinization began (see Night of Rage). The Japanese reacted to metahumans the most harshly, creating ghettos, but policies that fell only a bit short of them were also found in a number of other states (for example, some reports have described CAS of late 2030s as effectively implementing meta-slavery). Racist policlubs like Alamos 20,000 and the Humanis gained in popularity soon after. Over the coming decades, racism against other metatypes would mostly replace the older racism directed against humans of other skin color, with liberal activists campaigning for various metahuman equality laws.

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