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The United Corporate Council (UCC) is the united front presented to Seattle’s government by the major corporations. Behind the scenes, of course, the various members of the UCC are busy plotting against each other. The Council is considered an advisory body to the governor and pushes the corporate agenda through the halls of government.

The UCC was formed in 2030, after execs at Campana & Carrindum Technical Industries accused Aztechnology of instigating the virus that caused the Crash of ’29 and began a series of retaliatory assaults on Azzie installations. Aztechnology defended itself on several fronts, wiping out C&C. The Seattle's corporations decided to band together to prevent such “misunderstandings” in the future and ratified the UCC charter shortly thereafter.

The Council functions as a small-scale version of the Corporate Court that handles intercorporate issues for the AAA megacorporations. According to its mission statement, the UCC “works to foster a stable business environment in which all corporations can flourish and profit, by minimizing overt conflict between corporations and working with the metroplex government to ensure a friendly economic environment.” Recent shakeups among the top corps have changed the organization’s membership, makeup and mission somewhat, as well as casting doubt on its continued effectiveness. The UCC doesn’t like to use its power openly; its members prefer to work behind the scenes, backing pro-corporate politicians and lobbyists.

Council Members[]


Corporation (Rating*)Council Member
Ares (AAA)Karen King
Aztechnology (AAA)Luis Ocasio
Brackhaven Investments (A)William Roper
Eta Engineering (A)Hanan Zubayr-Chong
Evo (AAA)Mary Luce
Federated-Boeing (AA)Jessica Sirianni
Gaeatronics (AA)Cassie Blue Cloud
Horizon Group (AAA)Klaus Coppage
Lone Star Security Services (AA)William Loudon
Mitsuhama (AAA)Takafumi Maeda
NeoNET (AAA)Samantha Villiers
Regency MegaMedia (AA)Kamar Kumar
Shiawase (AAA)Hiromi Miyano
Telestrian Industries (AA)Alain Telestrian
Universal Omnitech (AA)Kara Parker
Wuxing (AAA)Sun Runming


 A: Multinationals operate internationally, but are still restricted by national laws.
AA: Megacorporations have gained suffi cient affl uence to be recognized by the Corporate Court and are granted extraterritorial status.
AAA: These megacorporations are among the top 10 largest economic entities in the world, each holding at least one seat on the Corporate Court and co-owning the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank (ZOG).