United Netherlands
Capital the Europort
Government Constitutional monarchy
Leaders Queen Amalia
Population 20,650,000
Land area
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency Euro (€), nuyen also accepted

United Netherlands (UNL)

Geography[edit | edit source]

The United Netherlands is located between the Allied German States in the east, France in the south and the Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg Special Administrative Zone (the SOX-zone) in the south-west. The UNL in the west has a long coastline of the North Sea.

The United Netherlands consists of the Netherlands and Flanders, once the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The UNL is part of a region called the Low Countries, which also includes Wallonia (once the French-speaking part of Belgium).

Underwater Arcologies [1]

Cities[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

2011: The Black Tide strikes the Low Countries, leaving a morass of toxic sludge in its wake.
2016: After a referendum, Wallonia, declares independence from Flanders. The country of Belgium ceases to exist.
2018: The Brussels European City (Brussels E.C.) forms under the control of the EU. Though a true independent city, its status is still disputed between Flanders and Wallonia for years to come.
2028: After years of economic recession, Wallonia joins France as a semi-autonomous region.
March 19, 2043: The Netherlands and Flanders merge and form the United Netherlands. Major changes are made to the old social, legal and economic laws.

Politics[edit | edit source]

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Economy[edit | edit source]

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Culture[edit | edit source]

Sports[edit | edit source]

A team from the United Netherlands took part in the FIFA Soccer World Cup in Amazonia in 2064.

The United Netherlands has at least two professional Hover Ball teams playing in the WHL: the "Noordsee Klabouters" and the "Den Haag Vesileijonat".

Crime[edit | edit source]

Shadows[edit | edit source]

The Helix Data Haven is located in the Hague [6][7]

References[edit | edit source]

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