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United Oil Industries is a Dallas, Texas, CAS-based petrochemical corporation. It is noteworthy for an incident in 2010, in which unemployed workers stormed the company headquarters in an attempt to hold United Oil accountable for the city of Dallas’ financial and crime problems, which ended in a standoff between the workers and the Texas Rangers Assault Teams. The siege forced the Texas state legislature to rewrite the laws to allow corporate security forces in the state to deal with armed intruders by any means necessary. Similar laws would soon be passed by other states in the then-United States, which would later give way to the creation of heavily armed, privatized, corporate militias such as Lone Star Security Services and Knight Errant.

In 2050 United Oil Seattle's chief of security, dragon Haesslich was involved in an attempt to steal Renraku's AI research. This attempt failed in 2051, ending up with Haesslich's death.

Siege of UOI's Dallas HQ [1]

Business in Arabia [2]


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