Urban Brawl is an officially non-lethal sport where teams compete in an urban environment. The goal is to bring a ball into the enemy's base, incidentally causing as much mayhem as possible (the rules clearly state that the object of the game is to score goals, not kill opponents). All Cyberware, non-heavy weaponry, and some armor are permitted. Magic is not. Fatalities are a common occurrence. 

Urban Brawl can trace its origins to a French gang war that turned into a corp multimedia circus in the 2020s. The fad took root in Northern America before Europe (busy with EuroWar). The first North American championship was held in 2037; the first international, in 2046 (International Urban Brawl World Cup is now held every two years).

The Seattle Urban Brawl team is called Seattle Screamers.

Urban Brawl TeamsEdit

Ares PredatorsAres Macrotechnology
Atlanta ButchersCAS
Boston MassacreUCAS
Chicago ExterminatorsUCAS
Chicago SensationsTruman Technologys
Cincinnati LasersUCAS
Cross CrushersCross Applied Technologies
Denver ThunderheadsUCAS
Detroit NightmaresUCAS
Havana GuerillasCaribbean League
Lakota ArrowsSioux Nation
Los Angeles BoltsCalifornia Free State
Miami SpearsCaribbean League
Montreal AssassinsQuébec, Republique de
Mountain DragonsDraco Foundation, Denver
New Orleans TombstonesCAS
New York SlashersUCAS
Novatech NovasNovatech
Oakland TerminatorsCalifornia Free State
Renraku InvinciblesRenraku
Seattle ScreamersUCAS
St. Louis SlaughterUCAS
Tenochtitlan VolcanoesAztlan
Tir TornadoesTir Tairngere
Tsimshan WarriorsTsimshan
Salt Lake ScreamersUte

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