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Urubia (AKA the Crimson Queen) is a female adult western dragon pimarily located in the Pacific Northwest of North America. She has crimsons scale colorization and a spiked tail. She is involved heavily in gang politics in the Redmond Barrens.


There are rumors she supported Tir Tairngire in 2036 at the Battle of Redding in the newly founded CFS.[1]

She was first sighted with Kalanyr in the town of Forks in the Salish-Shidhe Council on December 12, 2045.[2]

On January 2, 2046 Urubia received her Salish-Shidhe Council SIN; 0U9D-S4S6-9Z1X. On that same day she used the SIN to deposit a large mount of rare metals and gems into an account with Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank.[2]

In 2057 she filed for dual citizenship with the UCAS.[2]


Urubia owns several properties in the Redmond Barrens. The most well known one being known as the Fun House. The Fun House is considered neutral ground and Urubia does not allow for gang violence with in the property. It houses a large number of awaken residence.

Is a partial owner of Olympic Logging, Olympic Nursery, and Olympic Woodcraft.[3]

Her real estate holding company is named Crimson Wings, LLC. Which owns a 2 condominiums in downtown Seattle, some undeveloped land in Redmond, an apartment building in Renton, and a lava field in Puyallup.[3]

She owns 6 of the 8 pieces called “Stone Cold Killer” collection. Which is a collection of art/victims whom were petrified by magic at the dawn of the Awakening in the 2010s.[3]


Urubia may be mated to Kalanyr.

Mayor Sonya Scholl, the mayor of Redmond, is working to break up Urubia's gang alliances.[4]

During the events of the Dragon Civil War, Urubia appeared to side with Hestaby.


Urubia appears to enjoy the company of metahumans. And is known of throwing lavish parties in the Fun House. She is known for dancing in her dracoform and even invites people to climb on her.[5]

She is quick to act in violence.


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