Shadowrun Wiki

My Role[]

I'm Adam Jury, and I guess some people think I'm in charge of this thing.

I guess in some ways, I am in charge of this thing. In other ways, I am not at all in charge of this thing. I do, however, type a lot about what I think this thing should be, and I tend to do so in absolutes. This confuses some people, but I don't wish to be less absolute in my expressions of my desires for the Sixth World Wiki.

I - along with User:NeuronBasher - handle the technical duties of running the Sixth World Wiki. User:NeuronBasher handles the heavy lifting, and tell him what to do. I like this arrangement.

Mad Props[]

I am grateful to some of the people who have done a lot of the groundwork for this wiki - User:Mshieh is a machine of a man, and User:Wordman has been very generous in allowing his material to be subsumed into SWW.

What I think the Sixth World Wiki should be[]

I have some core beliefs about the role Sixth World Wiki should play and what it should be used for:

I believe the Sixth World Wiki is a reference about only the Sixth World; not the game of Shadowrun. That means that game mechanics, house rules, and character sheets are not things that should be posted. The Shadowrun NPC Wiki is a fine place to post your characters and NPCs to.

I believe that Sixth World Wiki should be inclusive of all canon material.

I believe the Sixth World Wiki should be an out of character factual reference; no in character "shadowtalk" posts, no "voice" to the material. The Sixth World Wiki does not "exist" in the Sixth World; it is our reference to a fictional world.

I believe that material that is not defined in canon should be clearly marked as such.

I believe that this is not a review site; it is not a place for statements of quality or lack thereof in any Shadowrun product.

I believe that copyright - yours, mine, WizKids' - should be respected.

I believe that somebody will find something I've written above offensive or annoying, and flame me for it. :-)

--AdamJury 00:55, 15 Oct 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)