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I am a long-time Shadowrun player since late First Edition, and currently write Shadowrun material for Catalyst Game Labs as a freelancer. I formerly contributed to the Sixth World Wiki and earlier on this wiki as Crimsondude .

Book Contributions[]


  • Artifacts Unbound: A Tale of Two Princes, Give the Devil His Due, Praxis, The Psychic Highway to Hell, River City Shootout, Too Many Secrets
  • Conspiracy Theories: DeeCee
  • Spy Games: Counterintelligence, Extraplanar Intelligence, Glossary, Agencies
  • Street Legends: Nadja Daviar. I Am Legion, Loose Ends, The Prestige (with Russell Zimmerman)
  • State of the Art: 2073: Samantha Roth
  • Steet Legends Supplemental: Hard Exit
  • The Clutch of Dragons: Echoing the Roar, Trickle-Down Effect (Avenging Angels, Follow the Money, Running Dead); with Michael Wich: War at 10,000 Meters (Ghostwalker); contributed to Game Information
  • Seattle Sprawl: Ruling the Queen City (What Now, How We Got Here, The Would-Be Rulers, The Real Leaders)


  • Artifacts Unbound
  • Attitude
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Corporate Intrigue
  • Spy Games
  • Street Legends
  • The Way of the Adept
  • The Clutch of Dragons
  • Seattle Sprawl


  • Shockwaves (American Version E-Book)

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