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M¥$T1C (* March 4th, 1979) lives in Brunswick (Braunschweig), Lower Saxony, Germany.
He's been playing Shadowrun since 1992 (starting with SR2.01d, the German version of SR2) and joined the online SR community in 1999, being a member of Dumpshock and several German SR mailing lists.
Since mid-2009 M¥$T1C has worked as a freelance proofreader for Pegasus Spiele, the German SR licensee.
One of the goals of his participation in this wiki is presenting information from German-only Shadowrun releases to the English-speaking world.

M¥$T1C graduated with a Diplom (Master of Science) in biology from the Technical University of Brunswick (with a thesis on molecular analysis of bacterial DNA from soil samples) and is now employed as an editor/developer at Bildungshaus Schulbuchverlage GmbH, one of Germany's major publishers of school textbooks and related materials. He has contributed to the Biologie heute aktuell, Erlebnis Biologie and Natur bewusst lines.

Contributions to SR books (in order of publication)[]

  • SR3
    • Arsenal 2060 (German version of Cannon Companion): "Steyr TMP" picture. Shadowtalk on "Steyr TMP", "Samopal vz/88V" and "Enfield AS-7".
    • Bug City (German version, unpublished): Translation of the "Insects Among Us" chapter.
  • SR4
    • Shadowrun 4th Edition (uncredited): "Steyr TMP" picture (reused from Arsenal 2060) [removed in SR4A]
    • Runnerkompendium (German version of Runner's Companion): Proofreading
    • Schattenstädte (German version of Runner Havens, Pegasus re-release): Proofreading
    • Geisterkartelle (German version of Ghost Cartels): Proofreading
    • Wildwechsel (German version of Running Wild): Proofreading
    • Unterwelten (German version of Vice): Proofreading [work in progress]


City of Brunswick (my home town)
Technical University of Brunswick (my alma mater)
Pegasus' SR homepage (German Shadowrun licensee)
Biologie heute aktuell (Bildungshaus/Schroedel)
Erlebnis Biologie (Bildungshaus/Schroedel)
Natur bewusst (Bildungshaus/Westermann)