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I used to edit the Sixth World Wiki. Around 2010 that this project was dying, so I am tried to rescue it by merging it with this wiki. To much of my own surprise, I succeeded, with the help of some others, even if it took us over a year. Enjoy!

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My (physical) book collection[]

Crossed means I have it.

  1. Never Deal with a Dragon (Secrets of Power #1) by Robert N. Charrette
  2. Choose Your Enemies Carefully (Secrets of Power #2) by Robert N. Charrette
  3. Find Your Own Truth (Secrets of Power #3) by Robert N. Charrette
  4. 2XS by Nigel Findley (read)
  5. Changeling by Chris Kubasik
  6. Never Trust an Elf by Robert N. Charrette
  7. Into the Shadows anthology edited by Jordan K. Weisman
  8. Streets of Blood by Carl Sargent & Marc Gascoigne
  9. Shadowplay by Nigel Findley
  10. Night’s Pawn by Tom Dowd
  11. Striper Assassin by Nyx Smith
  12. Lone Wolf by Nigel Findley
  13. Fade to Black by Nyx Smith
  14. Nosferatu by Carl Sargent & Marc Gascoigne
  15. Burning Bright by Tom Dowd
  16. Who Hunts the Hunter by Nyx Smith
  17. House of the Sun by Nigel D. Findley (read)
  18. Worlds Without End by Caroline Spector
  19. Just Compensation by Robert N. Charrette
  20. Black Madonna by Carl Sargent & Marc Gascoigne
  21. Preying for Keeps by Mel Odom
  22. Dead Air by Jak Koke
  23. The Lucifer Deck by Lisa Smedman
  24. Steel Rain by Nyx Smith .
  25. Shadowboxer by Nicholas Pollotta
  26. Stranger Souls (Dragon Heart #1) by Jak Koke
  27. Headhunters by Mel Odom
  28. Clockwork Asylum (Dragon Heart #2) by Jak Koke
  29. Blood Sport by Lisa Smedman
  30. Beyond the Pale (Dragon Heart #3) by Jak Koke
  31. Technobabel by Stephen Kenson
  32. Wolf and Raven by Michael A. Stackpole
  33. Psychotrope by Lisa Smedman
  34. The Terminus Experiment by Jonathan E. Bond & Jak Koke
  35. Run Hard, Die Fast by Mel Odom
  36. Crossroads by Stephen Kenson
  37. ''The Forever Drug by Lisa Smedman
  38. Ragnarok by Stephen Kenson
  39. The Burning Time by Stephen Kenson
  40. Tails You Lose by Lisa Smedman
  41. Born To Run by Stephen Kenson (Kellan Colt #1) (WizKids #1, 2005)
  42. Poison Agendas by Stephen Kenson (Kellan Colt #2) (WizKids #2, 2006)
  43. Fallen Angels by Stephen Kenson (Kellan Colt #3) (WizKids #3, 2006)
  44. Drops of Corruption by Jason M. Hardy (Wizkids #4, 2006)
  45. Aftershock by Jean Rabe & John Helfers (WizKids #5, 2006)
  46. A Fistful of Data by Stephen Dedman (WizKids #6, 2006)