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Right, so I do some of these things in character every so often because, honestly, why not? It's fun to be creative and use the perspective of someone else. Take it with a grain of salt, but I sometimes see things people miss. I could just ask a question, but what would the fun in that be when there's a possibility of sparking something interesting?

So, without further ado, I'll be assuming my current character's identity from Shadowrun that I've been playing with my friends. Let's see how many others jump on this.


Alright, beginning audio log. August 20th, 2075.

Been a rough few weeks as far as funding goes. Since my last run required me to fix up Oddball again, my pay this time was practically nil on top of munition expenses as well as paying off my contact with Knight Errant. Wasn't too happy about splattering those gangers all over a park wall, but truth be told, they pulled on me first. Ugh, whatever. On to the reason I'm making this log.

As usual, Jackpoint's fairly quiet, so I've been slumming around the archives in between surveilence shifts for the bar downstairs. Started making notes of some things on some of the compilations. A lot of them early indications to the problems Fastjack was having. Well back into the Arsenal file, even. It's amazing how hindsight can really screw with people and how much they beat themselves up for it. Of course, I know my reason for that, but I've gotten over it. Mostly.

The issue here was the unauthorized users that kept accessing and reaccessing the node back then. One of them was S.E.A.R.C.H., the AI program that was supposedly spawned from a hyped up version of black IC that was due to roll out before Crash 2.0 hit. The other was Cerberus. So far, noone has said much of anything about him. I thought about looking into him because he left some big hints that didn't start nagging at me until recently. Again, hindsight. So far, random searches turned up nothing outside of ancient mythology and some really...really odd porn. the next compilation comes out. "Stolen Souls" they labeled it. Gods, they made is sound much more tame than it is. But the naming is apt, at least. Reading through it, it was much of the same that I've been seeing in the news and around the shadows here in Seattle, although being made aware of how widespread it is made me realize just how much worse it was and how long we've been immersed in this world without knowing the danger. Shrugged it off anyways. The shadows care even less than the world does, so if it happened, it happened.

What got me, though, was where Cerberus was mentioned. Not posting, mentioned. Here, let me find the line in the file. The section was a recording of a head case. A much calmer one than what's being plastered all over the media. After explaining the vague origins of his...speices? He wasn't very specific on what to call them, just that they were beings that had rights as well. I'll let the courts decide how to punish the theft of someone's life later. I'd just shoot them. But in the recording he says this: "On top of that war for our freedom we will see those wo have done this to us punished. At the top of our list is Cerberus, a traitor to his own kind. He and his benafactors will be brought to justice. Their work will be brought to the light of dayand all their dark secrets wil be revealed."

Willie there sounded like he knew the man personally. Even if he didn't, if the head cases have a memory or instinct programed into their very being like that, the progenitor of this powder keg of a catastrophe must really hate him. And yet, his name shows up in previous files and noone bats an eye. Maybe I'm the only one that reads through the archives to see what older lessons were missed or to see what I can learn. Maybe I'm the only one that's seeing a very odd. Made we want to go through them all again. Jackpoint didn't seem to even have a file on the guy. Not even a posting asking the question of who the hell he was. Made me want to check the Stormfront files on what Lanier posted.

Gah. There's too many clues that go way too far back to be worth anything, and they're right there. If nothing else, it can be confirmed that there's something going on and Cerberus is a central figure- no, entity, in all this. If what William Jackson III said is true, and if Cerberus was ghosting 'Jack after he hit that NeoNET facility and taunting him on the last incarnation of Jackpoint, how much does he already know? How long has he been following him and Riser? Just how comprimised are the rest of us in this whole thing?

And yet, I keep coming back to the main question: "What did he do? What is he doing?" I know, that's two questions, but it all leads up to the last question of "What is the end result?"

Guess I'm being too much of a detective here, but something doesn't sit right with just letting it hang there idle. If it's taunting us to go down a dead end road, then so be it. Let it be the road traveled and seen than the one we haven't and lost out on.  I'll keep digging. I'll find out what Cerberus is and just what he wants out of all of this. Maybe if I find him fast enough, I can peg the guy dead and be done with it. It's not like the mega's to let something like this slip, though I suppose there's a first for everything. When this finally breaks out and the truth hits the media, there's be no stopping the chaos.

Again, here's hoping I'm not following a dead end line of investigation. There is only so much I can do with as little info that I have.

Anyways, fly safe in the shadows.

Redline Audio log end.


And there you have it. My own bit of fluff for what my character is doing in-game. So my real question is this: Anyone else notice this when they were reading the other sourcebooks for Shadowrun 4th ed? Why is there not even speculation on it? Or is my google-fu not strong enough?