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Dorle (talk) 02:21, May 1, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Mafia in brackets. My bad.  Why not make a disambiguation type page with all the different Mafia pages, and set that to be "Mafia", By the way, your focus on adding in the various criminal groups is very helpful.

Also, maybe make a category for the super-major factions: Mafia, Yakuza, Triad, Vory, Other (Is there a fifth?) 03:46, June 28, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Since the Shadowrun has divided the Mafia into three groups (American, European, and Australian), I think there should be two more categories created (European and Australian). Triads already has a category, but Yakuza and Vory need their own categories. Why not add one for Ghost Cartels too, since the Shadowrun authors have added an African Ghost Cartel? Administration could also narrow it down further by adding say, sub-categories for Triads in China, Southeast Asia, North America, etc (likewise for Yakuza and Vory). Though I image that might be too much work.

Re: It might also be a good idea to create a category for specific mob related events, like mob wars, massacres, and gang wars noted by Shadowrun (e.g. Tempo Drug War, Yakuza Schism, etc).

Esparza3368 (talk) 05:07, June 28, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Commisione versus Alta Commisione As one who has recently updated a large swathe of the mafia section, is there any article or section of an article describing the difference between the two?  Is there a Commisione article and an Alta Commisione, or one describing the difference?  It might be good to explain the difference somewhere, perhaps on the Mafia main page.

Actually there is a difference.

Historically, there is actually only one Commissione, the one in the United States. The five Italian crime groups in Italy (Sicilian Maifa, Neapolitan Camorra, Sacra Corona Unita, Calabrian N'drangheta, and Stidda) don't have a "Commissione" uniting them and only the Sicilian Mafia has a council uniting their clans. Making them like the Yakuza, Vory, and Triads whom have no unified council, and unity among their factions varies (e.g. the Chinese Triad "San Yee On" is the real world's equivalent to Shadowrun's Red Dragon in its unity, size, reach, wealth, power, and structure, while the "14K Triad" would be more like the "10,000 Lions" but with a reach like that of the Red Dragons).

In the Shadowrun universe, they have given the "Mafia" in Europe and Australia there own commissiones. The Alta Commissione was modeled on the Commissione in the United States and represents the Mafia families / syndicates based in southern Europe. Having seats on the Commissione are 4 Italian groups, 2 French groups, 1 Spanish group, and oddly 1 Turkish group. It has NO authority over the British, Austrian, Dutch, Serbian, Polish, or Dutch mobs though they too are European. It has NO authority over the Mafia families in either Australia or North America.

The Melbourne Commissione was the last one to be set up. It represents the Mafia families / syndicates in Australia and includes ALL of the local Caucasian mobs formed by the previous waves of immigration (British, Italian, Greek, and Afrikaaner). It has NO authority over the Mafia families in either North America or Australia. In turn the original Commissione in North America is just called "The Commissione" and has authority only over the Mafia families in the UCAS, the California Free State, the Republic of Quebec, the CAS, the NAN, and the Caribbean League.

I did some work on the Mafia pages on Shadowrun, not as much as on the Triads as my knowledge of the Triads (real world and Shadowrun-wise) is greater than over the Mafia and I prefer them to the Mafia in game play. That being said, as you may have noticed I created the pages for the European Mafia and Australian Mafia, see Mafia (Europe) and Mafia (Australia). I then created a new page for the American Mafia and called it Mafia (North America), transferring some of the data over to it. Simplified the original Mafia to provide just the history and structure of a family. Created a section at the bottom with links for the three distinct mafias; American, European, and Australian. Does that help?

Esparza3368 (talk) 16:16, July 5, 2018 (UTC)