Capital Hanoi
Government Communist Republic
Leaders Unknown
Population 85,686,000
Land area
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups Vietnamese 71%, Lao 10%, Chinese 8%, Other 11%
Major Languages Spoken Vietnamese (98%), Chinese (9%), English (8%)
Major Religions Buddhist (46%), Christian (9%)
Currency Nuyen (¥)



Vietnam nationalised the Khouang Combine to help keep the economy from grinding to a halt.[1] After a history of warring with their neighbors which led to the nation finding itself isolated, the government is slowly liberalising their economy to allow outside investment.[1]

The country has hostile relations with all its neighbors and has become paranoid and xenophobic. The only foreign allies it has are Russia and Aztlan.[2]


To help try and salvage their flagging economy and keep from economic collapse, the government nationalised the local Khouang Combine and has started opening up the country to limited megacorp investment.

Foreign companies are permitted to operate in Vietnam if they form joint-ventures with Khouang, in which the latter owns at minimum 51% of the venture.[2]


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