The Vikings are an old-school biker gang based in the Scandinavian Union.

Membership: 1,000

Annual Income: up to the 10s of millions (nuyen)[1]

The Vikings are a special type of biker gang who mix a classical MC (Motorcycle Club) with the violent Scandinavian hardcore Heavy Metal Freaks style, modern militant hightech nomad/tribal culture and a lot of neo-pagan pseudo Viking mysticism. Vikings are the dominating element in the criminal underworld of the Scandinavian Union in the 21st century (except the Vory v Zakone). They dabble in racketeering, piracy, extortion, smuggling, drug, chip and arms dealing as well as in fencing and as goons for hire.[2] The Vikings greatest strength is the fact that they are highly mobile. Continuously on the move, they use small fleets of motorcycles and armored cars. Some of them even use LAVs, skimmers, and hydrofoils.[3] Among the drugs sold by the Vikings in Scandinavia has been Tempo supplied by the Olaya Cartel[4] Since the early to mid 2060s, the Vikings have expanded their activities to include piracy.[5]

While some of them are anti-metahuman racists others welcome giants, trolls, orks and so on. The Neo-Nazi Nordic organization, Volksfront has supporters among some of the Viking gangs. Before the second Matrix Crash of 2064 a lot of them became recruits to Winternight.[6][7] This makes the Vikings some thing a bit dubious to other, non-Viking gangs. It's a poorly organized group with autonomous gangs that are hostile to each other, though their leaders (jarls) meeting regularly in councils. The gang as of 2027 AD, had a 1000 members.[8] Recently the gang has expanded into the Allied German States, especially in the city of Hamburg in the North German League.[9]

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