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Volksfront is a white supremacist organization based in the Scandinavian Union.

Based in the Scandinavian Union, the Volksfront is an organization of ethnic segregationists and ultra-nationalists who most of the time toe the line of legality (though are involved in acts of violence). They are officially recognized as a policlub in the Allied German States, Hungary, Austria, the United Netherlands, and the Scandinavian Union.

Their goal is to to undermine Pan-Europeanism by organizing racist marches and rallies, and spreading racist propaganda. It's high-ranking members are known to mobilize radicals in other parties and policlubs in addition to their supporters in the Viking gangs, Asatru worshippers, and Siida communities. They have a secret alliance with the neo-nazi Germanic magic group (Runenthing). In addition they own the Fenrir music label, which in the racist music scene is a major player.[1]


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