Wakyambi are an Elven Metavariant native to Africa. They are taller and thinner than other Elf variants, and can become taller than Trolls. Their skin color is dark brown, and they have dark curly hair, which is typical of their African origin.

Wakyambi are exclusively descended from the Zulu, and maintain a home within the Zulu Nation within the confederated nation of Azania. They are also known to be particularly reclusive, distrusting anybody who isn't both elven and native African. These factors make getting solid data on the Wakyambi particularly difficult, meaning little meaningful data exists regarding standard testing. There is anecdotal evidence that there is a higher rate of Awakening within the Wakyambi, but, again, this is difficult to verify.

Most information from the Wakyambi come from anecdotal, first hand accounts from the Wakyambi themselves. They engage on a pilgrimage to the outside world called a "dreamwalk", which lasts one to five years, before returning to the homeland, though encountering a Wakyambi on a dreamwalk is still very rare.

Legends states that the Wakyambi are descendants of the sky people, who exist in the myths of some African cultures. Therefore, Wakyambi enjoy in their homeland a good reputation and many privileges among their fellow tribes, even acting as a buffer from the outside world for the elves. Other tribes are sometimes subjected to aggression from the Zulu, and thus have come under the protection of Mujaji, forming a rivalry between the elves and the dragon.


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