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The Wanibuchi-rengo is a Yakuza syndicate based in Neo-Tokyo, Japan

The Wanibuchi-rengo is one of the youngest and most modern Yakuza factions. It's stronghold is Odaiba in Neo-Tokyo, and is led by Tomu Wanibuchi. He sits at the head of a board of directors, where the head of each gumi gets a vote, making him first among equals. Unlike the Watada-rengo, this rengo acts as one.

The organization actively recruits from Japan's disenfranchised, including technomancers, women, metahumans, and the Awakened. They even have a few orks and dwarves. Wanibuchi-rengo controls the augmented reality crime in Neo-Tokyo, creates and distributes BTL programs, and has an extensive criminal empire on the Matrix (offshore online casinos, virtual sex clubs, data brokerage, virtual banks, and selling of bootleg copies of Matrix tech and programs).[1]


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