The city of Washington is the heart of the Federal District of Columbia (known as DC; DeeCee; and, historically, the Federal City). It was the capital city and administrative district of the United States of America. When the USA became part of the UCAS, Washington became the UCAS capitol. Washington is also the seat of the Federal District of Columbia.

Washington and the District of Columbia were one and the same for decades. After the Federal Capital District Act of 2024 replaced the District of Columbia with the modern Federal District of Columbia and incorporated several counties in Virginia and Maryland, it no longer became true that Washington and FDC were one and the same.

Washington NeighborhoodsEdit

Anacostia BarrensEdit

Home of Compville, the area where Compensation Army members were relocated as part of the Gorkachov-Drinkwater Act that provided them compensation following the 2055 riots.

Foggy BottomEdit

Site of the Watergate Rift Bunker remains. Home to the Illuminates of the New Dawn Grand Lodge, The George Washington University, and the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank terrestrial headquarters and Corporate Court embassy to the UCAS. The neighborhood has changed considerably since the early 21st century when many large structures outside of the GWU property limits were eliminated and replaced with single-family housing for the rich and powerful of DeeCee.


Home of Georgetown University and several mini-arcologies along the Potomac waterfront south of M Street.

Government ZoneEdit

Comprising most of downtown Washington, the Government Zone is bordered on the west by the White House Exclusion Zone, and on the east by the UCAS Capitol Enclosure. Both buildings are now heavily fortified and surrounded by walls and barriers to restrict access. It used to extend south of Independence Avenue, but now it is mostly located north of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Kansai VillageEdit

The area that includes the Waterfront and southern areas of what used to be the southern edge of the Government Zone. It is accessible to the public, but the whole area is owned and operated by Shiawase, and includes the global headquarters of Shiawase Atomics.

Upper NorthwestEdit

The Draco Foundation headquarters is in Friendship Heights.


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