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The Watada-gumi is a Yakuza syndicate based in the city of Chiba in Japan.

The Watada-gumi are a member syndicate of the Watada-rengo.[1] It rules the Watada-rengo from it's base in Chiba.[2] They are strong backers of the imperialist faction in Japan, opposing the reformers led by Emperor Yasuhito. Supporting the imperialist agenda of regulation of the Awakened, technomancers, and AI, racism toward metahumans, a powerful military, and control of the Pacific Rim.[3]

For multiple generations, the majority of the clan's members have been the university-educated offspring of Yakuza members. Rarely are newer members initiated into the clan unless they prove themselves to be completely loyal, possess excellent skills, and served for years without question. Though it is neither the largest nor oldest clan in Neo-Tokyo, due to its primacy in the Watada-rengo its the most powerful clan in the world.

They have invested their illicit profits in legitimate business and corporations, mostly in the those medical companies which conduct implant research and provide medical technology in Chiba and its surroundings, which have significant holdings, transportation, suppliers, and secondary markets around the world.

Every senior kobun in the clan holds positions as executive officers in various micromanufacturing firms and unrated holding companies. They also control organlegging operations (metahumans) in the city and are involved in white collar crime (mostly life insurance and medical fraud).

The clan has the best equipped and largest black clinics in Neo-Tokyo that are neither affiliated with the government or megacorps. Which are capable of producing and installing beta-grade cyberware and bioware. Thereby giving it a near-monopoly on the technology used to create "bunraku" prostitutes and a larger percentage of members whom are heavily augmented compared to other Yakuza clans.[4] It has ties to MCT and Renraku.[5]


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