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A Wendigo is an ork or metavariant infected with HMHVV. In one of the more extreme expressions of the disease, the afflicted is transformed into a troll-sized, white-furred humanoid that bears a passing resemblance to a sasquatch. And, regardless of previous Awakened status, all known examples have expressed shamanic ability (most often of Predator totems) that they use to blend into society and further their aims. They also gain the usual suite of vampire powers and weaknesses - including enhanced senses, immunity to age, poison, and disease, rapid regeneration, vulnerability to ferrous metals, and chronic essence loss. Perhaps because of their fur, they only suffer a moderate allergy to sunlight. Wendigos drain the essence of other beings both through the consumption of flesh and a psychic link created when others are induced in joining the creature in its cannibalistic feast - only to end up as a meal, themselves. Like other vampiric subspecies, the wendigo is also able to spread the infection on to others.