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Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

The White Buffalo (lat. Bison bison blanc) is the Awakened form of the plains bison (Bison bison), and appears as a larger form of the bison with brilliant white hair and short dark horns. It is on average 3.0 meters at the shoulder and an overall length of 5.3 meters long.

The white buffalo is more aggressive and territorial than its progenitor, often charging at intruders (although many of these "charges" are no more than threat displays). They are commonly seen among herds of common buffalo, usually as the dominant member. They are able to interbreed with their progenitors, but the offspring may or may not express a white coat. White Buffalo are exquisitely sensitive to pollutants, which may explain their relatively small numbers.

There are many myths and legends surrounding the White Buffalo in Native American plains tribe lore. These legends may indicate that the White Buffalo existed before the Awakening, although it is unknown as to why they disappeared.

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