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The Wild Hunt is a unique collective of powerful spirits. It is also known as Casse Maccabel, Chasse Artu, or Mesnie Hellequin in France, the Raging or Furious Host in Germany, the Yule Host in Iceland, and other names in other cultures. The Wild Hunt often appears as a group of black hounds or horses, and it is led by a dark-cloaked humanoid (called The Hunter) who often appears with antlers on his head. Other huntsmen with spears and swords appear riding the dark horses, who breathe fire and brimstone. Some hypothesize that appearances in different cultures are the result of viewer expectations, as the Wild Hunt holds a powerful place throughout European myth. Its purpose is said to be avenging some injustice in the world or to do the bidding of those who can successfully summon it (rumored to be a secret Invoking metamagic available to certain Paths of the Wheel elven magicians). In Welsh and other European legends, the Wild Hunt always catches its prey, and indeed, the Sixth World equivalent is relentless and is capable of flying over any terrain. The Wild Hunt only lasts for one night, from one sunset to sunrise. It is said that whoever evades the Wild Hunt until sunrise can escape its wrath.


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