Winternight was an apocalyptic cult based in Scandinavia, but operating world-wide. Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology, Winternight tried to cause Ragnarök - the world-ending final battle between the Aesir gods, led by Odin, and their enemies, led by Loki. The actions of Winternight and their allies, the Otaku tribe known as Ex Pacis, led to Matrix Crash 2.0 in 2064. Winternight ceased to exist in 2064 when the leaders were either captured or killed and a nuclear initiation destroyed the group's HQ, an old submarine base in Sweden called Valhalla.

Leaders[edit | edit source]

Winternight was led by three persons, collectively known as the Norns:

  • Wednesday - an Asatru priest and toxic idol shaman, Wednesday led a small radical cult before meeting Friday and founding Winternight. During the Crash 2.0 Wednesday, alongside Friday, was captured by a EuroPol undercover operative but committed suicide before he could be interrogated.
  • Thursday - a berserker adept and veteran of the EuroWars, Thursday coordinated Valhalla's defenses and eventually triggered the nuclear device that destroyed the base and killed both attackers and remaining defenders.
  • Friday - once a Swedish scientist named Frida Kohlmann, Friday lost her family and her career in the Matrix Crash of 2029. She developed an intense hatred for the Matrix and, looking for spiritual guidance and relief, started to dabble in Viking cults. In 2031 she met Wednesday and became his partner. Frida became Friday and Winternight was born.
    She was captured alongside Wednesday but her magical defenses delayed interrogation until after the Jormungand virus had been activated. Friday finally broke, revealing the existence and purpose of Winternight's nuclear arsenal.

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