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Wu Kuan-Lei was the founder of the megacorporation Wuxing, Inc..

Wu Kuan-Lei founded Wuxing in the early 1990s. It started out as a small import/export company in Hong Kong, which exported goods into Communist China via Hong Kong and imported goods from Communist China to the rest of the Pacific Rim. As his success grew, he gained the support of long time players in Hong Kong. Which led to him buying out other local import/export companies and formed Wuxing, Inc, a small "A" corporation.

In 1997, Communist China began it's reunification with Hong Kong. Wu Kuan-Lei was passionately against this and advocated independence. He was able to bring over to his cause various financial supporters and business owners. During this time, he bought up many small businesses at cheap prices and had guns and other supplies brought in. In 2015, the collapsing Communist China gave up on absorbing Hong Kong. Afterwards the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Enclave was born, with its firmly entrenched local corporations (and a few megacorps).[1]

Recognizing the threat that the Japanese megacorporations posed to the growth prospects of other Asian companies and the nations themselves, from 2020 to 2028 he spoke to his business contacts about uniting against the Japanacorps. He received support from most of them but they were afraid to openly support him. The Crash of 2029 crippled his plans as most of the small corps became too busy trying to survive to be concerned about the Japanacorps. Wu Kuan-lei died peacefully in his bed in 2039.[2] He was succeeded by his son Wu Lung-Wei.


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