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Wu Lung-Wei is the former CEO of Wuxing.


He is largest shareholder of Wuxing, owning 24% of the shares.[1]. Wu was for a period the CEO of the AAA Megacorporation. Wu is the son of the founder of Wuxing, Wu Kuan-Lei, and is married to another principal shareholder on the board, Sharon Chiang-Wu. It was under his leadership and guidance that Wuxing rose to the level of AAA Prime Megacorporation, and he was one of the key leaders in the formation of the Pacific Prosperity Group.

CEO of Wuxing[]

Wu Lung-Wei studied at the Harvard Business School, where he met and married Sharon Chiang-Wu. He spent some time after his formal education wandering through mainland China, seemingly without cause or purpose. He received ownership of Wuxing when his father, Wu Kuan-Lei, died in 2039. Wu is considered to be the "Damien Knight" of the east, with connections throughout the Pacific Rim. Some see him as a financial genius.[2]

He was granted an unusual bequest in 2057 through Dunkelzahn. Which consisted of a gift of millions in Nuyen, a statue called the "Jade Dragon of Wind and Fire" and for his wife "The Second Coin of Luck". Wuxing then rapidly rose from a corporation that was barely in the 2nd-tier ranks to one of the AAA-rated megacorps, followed by the fulfillment of the Wu family's plans in the establishment of the Pacific Prosperity Group approximately 14 months afterwards.[3]

Special Acquisitions[]

Since being replaced as CEO by his wife due to his increasing desperate and erratic behavior, he has been heading the "Special Acquisitions" division. Which has a big budget and is given access to significant special and quasi-legal resources to locate and get whatever Wu and his allies believe is useful, which includes land, companies, people, and magical artifacts. He is still a significant power within the corporation with many important individuals being loyal to him or deciding to ally themselves with him.[4]


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