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Alatuserpens pil americanus[]

The North American Wyvern is a slender dracoform with two wings, two legs, and a long tail that ends in a venomous stinger. They are typically dark brown and grow up to 11.0 meters in length with a wingspan of 20.0 meters.

Wyverns are nocturnal solitary hunters, using their venomous tail and air superiority to kill their prey. They are highly territorial and are highly aggressive within their marked territory. They appear to have some ability to cause paralyzing fear in their prey.

Nothing is known about the Wyverns reproductive behavior, and it is impossible to determine the sex of the wyvern without dissection. They are found throughout the Midwest UCAS, the CAS, Aztlan, the Southern portion of CalFree, and the NAN. It is rumored that the European Wyverns have several cosmetic differences in appearance.

Alatuserpens pili alpinum[]

In the Alps of Switzerland whole swarms of wyverns appeared in 2011 but they were mercilessly hunted and killed for trophies by self-declared big game hunters until they were given protection by Swiss law in 2012. Still, the killing lasted until 2015, and the creatures were pushed to the edge of extinction. Since then the population slowly has recovered.

In Austria wyverns are common in the State of Kaernten. They - or at least some of them - are semi-intelligent and one is in service of a brewery in the new state capital of Hirt as a mascot.


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