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Yamaguchi-gumi (六代目山口組) is a Yakuza syndicate based in the city of Kobe in Japan


The Yamaguchi clan is the largest Yakuza organization in the Japanese Imperial State, and forms most of the bulk of the Watada-rengo alliance. Yamaguchi-gumi's wakagashira, Mochizuki Fumio , provided around the equivalent of two million nuyen in money to Nippon Steel 's Yuriyasu Ashiyo when the company merged to form Mitsuhama Computer Technologies (MCT).[1] The syndicate is based in the city of Kobe .[2]

The Yamaguchi-gumi also expanded into the Philippines. When they arrived in the Philippines, along with the other Yakuza clans they established opium fields which they have controlled since. Like the other Yakuza clans, they also enslaved Filipino women for the bars and brothels servicing the sex tourists.[1] As of the early 2070s, many of the Yakuza members of the local gumi in the Philippines are so-called "souvenir babies", half-breeds of Filipino and Japanese descent.[3] It is also the only Yakuza clan within the Watada-rengo which still has a presence in North America, in this case in the UCAS where it has a stronghold in Washington, FDC.[4]


The Yamaguchi-gumi was founded in 1915. It is the largest Yakuza syndicate in Japan with approximately 23,400 members. Only three foreign crime syndicates have larger memberships (all of them Chinese Triads).[1]

See also Yamaguchi-rengo.


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