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Yardies, Crews

The Yardies is a gang based in the United Kingdom which originated in the city of London in the Squeeze.

Membership: 3,000

Annual Income: in the 100s of millions (nuyen)[1]

The Yardies are a loosely organized association of Afro-Jamaican gangs and crews, each of which is autonomous. The gang has an informal hierarchy, a sort of pyramid. They are one of the most feared gangs because of their unpredictability and brutality.

They themselves do not use any magic, in fact they seriously dislike anything magical. That being said they are fully willing to outsource to wizzer gangs and independent magicals. On the other hand they are heavily into cyber. Often getting their first modification after the initiation (e.g. replacing a body part that was too damaged by the brutal initiation) and they wear their modifications with pride.

As of 2072 AD, the gang has 3,000 members in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean League, the UCAS and in Europe (primarily the United Netherlands and Denmark). The gang doesn't discriminate by metatype and there are crews that favor trolls and orks. Even though it let's women into the gang, there are very few in the Yardies. It's a gang which is twice as hard on dwarves, elves, and women during the initiation.

Yardies recruit within the prisons of the the United Kingdom and the UCAS. Their main source of income is drug trafficking and are also involved in prostitution, contraband smuggling, BTL sales, human trafficking, and organlegging.[2] Among the drugs sold by the Yardies in the United Kingdom has been Tempo supplied by the Olaya Cartel[3] The gang also runs gambling rings staging devil rat fights.[4]


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