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The Year of the Comet is the year 2061, when Halley's Comet visited the earth one more time.

The year 2061 also marked the 50th anniversary of the awakening. The comet and/or the public emotional reactions of large parts of metahumanity created a new mana high or spike, which led to various magical effects as SURGE (or second wave of goblinization) which changed some humans and metahumans into changelings, the occurrence of Drakes, lots of newly found Paracritters, the first occurrence of the Shedim (and the Imp) phenomena, deposits of natural orichalcum, manastorms in various areas, natural disasters like the outbreak of the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Rim and the (re-) appearance of mystical islands like Lyonesse.

These mystical events had an mundane echo in form of religious fanaticism, political strife (or even civil war) and change in various areas like Denver, Japan, the Yucatan peninsula, the Middle East, the California Free State and others.


The term "Year of the Comet" is also the name of a campaign-/sourcebook for the third edition of the Shadowrun role playing game, which in-game is set in the named year 2061.


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