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Yellow Lotus

The Yellow Lotus is a Triad based in the Seattle sprawl in the UCAS.


The Yellow Lotus used to be based in the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone. It was for a time the Red Dragon Association's main rival, before it was defeated and nearly annihilated in a war with the Red Dragon Triad in 2062-2063 AD.[1] The remnants of the Yellow Lotus are now allied to the Ten Thousand Lions in Hong Kong, which absorbed the survivors of the destroyed Yellow Lotus and it's allies in Hong Kong.[2]


The Seattle lodge is led by Lodgemaster Zheng Li Kwan, an emigre from Hong Kong who took over the Seattle branch in 2051. He reorganized the lodge and went on an aggressive recruiting drive to expand the syndicate.[3][4] Zheng Li Kwan is a strong believer in mystical traditions and is a physical adept who can snap steel using his bare hands and can kill simply by touch.[5]

The Yellow Lotus in Seattle also has a powerful mage in service to the lodge, the Incense Master Su Cheng.[6] He leads the rest of the Triad in group "Tai Chi" exercises before dawn or after sunset.[7] Which is because that's when he can lead the group as he is a vampire who has eliminated many of Zheng Li Kwan's enemies.[8]


The Triad has extensively recruited among the non-Chinese. It also recruited heavily among the metahumans, especially Orks. Which in the process more than doubled the size of the Triad. It's recruiting practices has brought it much influence in the metahuman communities of the Barrens and within metahuman areas like the Ork Underground.[9][10]


The soldiers of the Yellow Lotus are usually augmented though nothing as extensive, flashy, or expensive as that worn by the Eighty-Eights Triad. The types of augmentations they have normally received have been cybereyes and/or muscle replacement. It's soldiers are often outfitted with an armored vest, equipped with machine pistols, and carry a knife or sword.[11][12] The Yellow Lotus also has at its disposal a magical initiatory group which works for the Triad, called the Heaven and Earth Circle.[13]

Criminal Enterprises[]

In 2072 , the Yellow Lotus are now Seattle's most powerful Triad. One of their main sources of revenue is the smuggling of illegal immigrants who are forced to work in factories and sweatshops in the Barrens which manufacture knock-offs or in the sex trade until they pay off their debt, and some are even sold to organleggers. The primary business of the Yellow Lotus is the smuggling and dealing of BTL chips from Hong Kong, they dominate the market in the sprawl.[14][15] In downtown Vashon, the Yellow Lotus operates various entertainment centers where one can enjoy chips, joytoys, and drugs.[16] It is one of the Triads providing the soldiers of Ft. Lewis with prostitutes.[17]

Recently it has expanded to the Boston sprawl where it is battling the Black Orchid Triad.[18] The Yellow Lotus also recently became a significant player in Thailand, moving drugs from the Golden Triangle to Bangkok and from there to the world. When the Triads recently lost their stranglehold on the Golden Triangle drug trade due to the rise of the Yakuza in Thailand, the Yellow Lotus were one of the syndicates negatively impacted and are attempting to force the Yakuza out of the drug trade.[19][20] They also have a branch in the city of Beijing.[21]

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