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Yokogawa Corporation is a Japanese corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

There is some corporate presence in the Algonkian-Manitou Council.[1]

In the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, they own contracts for firefighting and medical services, and cooperate with DocWagon. They also cooperate with Ares Macrotechnology and Evo to create and implement crisis reaction plans for disasters like mega-typhoons. SINless people dislike the corp for its slow reactions to fires and to general emergency calls in Kowloon City, and for the practise of sending patients without proper insurances to clinics with bad reputation. The Red Dragon Triad is involved with them, and subverted the Hong Kong branch of Yokogawa Fire for use in their protection rackets. In their Japanese home turf Yokogawa has relations with the Kodachi-gumi of the Yakuza for the same reasons. In Hong Kong other triads, particularly the 289s, tend to attack Yokogawa's rescue teams to steal drugs and equipment. A Triad war between the 289s and Red Dragons seems perpetually imminent but hasn't happened yet.[2]

Its subsidiaries include

Emeral Crisis Management
NPI Instruments
Yokogawa Fire
exterritorial business zone in the Republic of Québec [3]