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Yokohama, is a ward of Neo-Tokyo.

Yokohoma is a metahuman-heavy district of Neo-Tokyo. It used to be an important industrial center until it was devastated by a 7.2 Richter earthquake in the Year of the Comet in 2061. Which ripped open the industrial sites and chemical plants by the seaport, resulting in fires that raged for two days. Killing pver 5,000 and leaving the city in ruins. It is still in ruins as reconstruction has stalled due to the spirits in Yokohama becoming toxic or going mad, and the Japanacorps blocking foreign corporations from assisting.

Though they rebuilt the economically important port terminal, the industrial yards continue to be a toxic wasteland. Most of Yokohama's Japanese residents have left leaving only the metahumans and foreigners who can't go elsewhere because of discrimination, and the Imperial soldiers. The metahumans live in shantytowns, extorted by the racist soldiers.[1]


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