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Government Type:
Capital: Kunming
Leaders: Unknown
Population 35,870,000
Human Unknown
Elf Unknown
Dwarf Unknown
Ork Unknown
Troll Unknown
Other Unknown
Per Capita Income: Unknown
Estimated SINless: Unknown
Below Poverty Level: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Unknown
Less Than Twelve Years Unknown
High School Equivalency Unknown
College Degrees Unknown
Advanced Degrees Unknown
Major Ethnic Groups:
Chinese (62%)
Laotians (2%)
Vietnamese (4%)
Thai (3%)
Shan (2%)
Others (21%)
Major Languages Spoken:
Chinese (93%)
Thai (6%)
Major Religions:
Buddhism (66%)
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Yunnan is one of the successor states of China.


Taking advantage of the civil war in China, Yunnan declared itself independent in 2019. In 2024, Shan State invaded Yunnan and captured western parts of it's territory. Bandit raids from Yunnan and Guangxi in 2034 forced Vietnam to disengage from conflict with Cambodia. Later the same year, Vietnam being fed up with bandit raids, invaded both of the states and their southern parts were captured by Vietnam and Laos. In 2047, Sichuan captured parts of Yunnan.


The country is bordered to the north by Tibet and Sichuan, to the east by Guangxi, in the southeast by Vietnam, in the south by Laos, in the southwest by Shan State, in west by Burma and in the northwesr by Kachin State.


Yunnan is a successor state of China. Large parts of the country are controlled by warlords and criminals.


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