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Zacaultipan is a female Feathered Serpent who lives in Denver.

She worked as an instructor in combat thaumaturgy for Aztechnology, but left and destroyed the Leopard Guard training facility where she had worked before moving to Denver.

She goes by the alias, Coyolxauhqui, and used this alias as the owner of a restaurant in Denver called the Serpent's Feather located in the Aztlan district of the city. The restaurant is known as a meeting place for fixers.

Zacaultipan had an intense rivalry with her brother, Dzitbalchén , whom still worked for Aztechnology. Their rivalry never extended to violence, (this is apparently against the rules of being a feathered serpent) but if it financially hurt or embarrassed her brother, she would go to great lengths to see it done.

In 2061 during Ghostwalker's arrival to Denver, Dzitbalchén went to Denver to rescue and return Zacaultipan to Aztlan. She refused and the two began to fight each other. This fight was interupted by Ghostwalker when he destroyed the Serpent's Feather. Both feathered serpents managed to escape the city.

Sometime later she was allowed to return to live within the city. She has been seen in astral space doing some work for Ghostwalker's spirit allies.

In 2064, Zacaultipan attempted to rescue Dzitbalchén, whom was being executed for terrorist actions taking place at the Yucatán Peace Summit. She failed and her brother died. She returned to Denver but there have been few sightings of her since then.


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