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Zobop (Houses)

The Zobop are a loose coalition of Afro-Caribbean voodoo crime gangs in the Caribbean League. Which over the last two decades (since the 2050s) has steadily grown in the Caribbean at the expense of the Mafia and Jamaican Posses.


The Zobop gangs have been around victimizing Haiti and likely other Caribbean gangs almost as long as voodoo has been around in the Caribbean. Originally they were all independent and their members were devoted to a single mambo or houngan. With the ascendancy of the voodoo sect of the "Voice of Ogoun" in the Caribbean in the Sixth World, the power of the Zobop likewise rose. [1]


The Zobop underworld revolves around the "House". Each house is led by a houngan or mambo who is assisted by a 2nd in command (the warlord) whom is usually an adept, and has its own rules and commandments. The house has gangs of criminals (krewes) under it's "roof" led by lieutenants whom either run their own criminal ventures and pay up to the "roof" or give the house a cut of the profits, or they run the house's illicit operations. Multiple houses are controlled by the strongest houngman, called "Bishops". The most powerful bishops are known as "Cardinals" and are members of the "Red College", which has both a religious and political role.[2] Leading the Red College is the "Black Pope" (Papa Zobop).[3] The Red College loosely controls the numerous semi-independent houses. Each island in the Carib League has at least one house, and there can be multiple houses if their is sufficient business to support them all.[4]

Criminal Enterprises[]

In their own communities, the Zobop run extortion and protection rackets. They encourage the locals in the community to join in the voodoo religious ceremonies therefore reinforcing their power and hold over the community by using their beliefs. In the Carib League, they have toppled nearly every rival criminal force, except the pirate gangs. They create zombies, sukuyan slaves, and corps cadavres. Zobops are not involved in financial crimes, white collar crime, or Matrix crimes due to the lack of infrastructure in their islands.[2] Zobop is known to be a technopobic syndicate, therefore it stays away from BTLs and Simsense. In New Orleans, they are partners with Tamanous in the organlegging business.[5]

Zobop controls alot of the organized crime within the Carib League.[6] They dominate the illicit markets in Cuba for Awakened drugs, magical paraphernalia, and reagents. Zobop is the only syndicate that traffics in vampire slaves and zombies.[7] When it comes to their victims, the Zobop use religion/beliefs more than violence to extort and create, as their victims fear losing their souls.[7]

Recently they began to expand out of the Carib League. Zobop is targeting the voodoo gangs of New Orleans and the Yardies in the United Kingdom, whom are to be either co-opted or destroyed. Houses have relocated to or been established in Metropole (Amazonia), Cayenne (French Guiana), Merseysprawl (United Kingdom), and Miami. They have been involved in drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling, smuggling of artworks, talislegging, and swindling locals in the new territories. One powerful Jamaican posse (and drug gang) has been taken over in Miami, and turned into the House of Jah.[6][8] In North America, their northernmost outpost is in the divided city of St. Louis.[9] They also have established a House in the city of Hamburg in the AGS where they have a local gang the Saman affiliated with them.[10][11]

Major Houses[]


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