The Zulu Nation is a minor nation within Azania, in Africa. It is known as the nation of the Wakyambi elves of the Zulu.

The Zulu nation is known for being a haven of Wakyambi elves and other exotic sapients, and the harshness of life of the region. The Zulu Nation is known for being very reclusive, and the prestige many of their neighbors hold them in, largely from being descended from the mythological Sky Tribes, offers the Zulu a buffer from the outside world. Other neighbors are subjects of aggression to the Zulu, and come under the protection of Mujaji, establishing her as no friend of the local elves.

What is known is that the Zulu Nation is largely undeveloped, and life consists of hunter-gatherer tribal groups who are very protective of their land.

Recently Evo has tried to negotiate the buying a parcel of land with generous terms, presumably so that they can start developing products for the Zulu Nation and opening a market, though any further progress in this development is unknown.


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